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Every day we move closer to living in a world where Marijuana and cannabis products are becoming more mainstream and part of our normal culture. With the rise of popularity over the last couple of years as a result of cannabis becoming legal in various states, people are becoming more and more inclined to move towards the freedom.

While visiting Amsterdam and smoking a joint in public seems to be on just about every marijuana lover’s list, we searched far and wide to find some other more “local” and some distant hot spots for cannabis.

#1 – Oregon

Probably one of the most well-known states for legal marijuana, Oregon allows those who are 21 and older to carry quite a bit of cannabis on them, in many different forms! You’re allowed to carry an ounce of weed in public, along with half a pound at home and up to a pound of edibles!

I don’t know about you, but a pound of edibles is enough to keep a small village high for weeks! But it doesn’t stop there, you can also carry 4 ⅕ pints of infused liquid and an ounce of extracts.

We recommend picking up our Sour DieselBlue Dream and OG Kush strain as they’re some of the most popular types of cannabis smoked in Oregon.




Not to mention, Oregon is a beautiful state! If you’re looking for beautiful scenery and laid back, down to earth people, Oregon is the place to be.

#2 Colorado

Colorado became the first of the United States to legalize recreational marijuana, so you’ll be sure to find cannabis related culture firmly ingrained in some of the nightlife and people. Colorado also has the third most cost-effective cannabis so if you’re looking for good weed on a budget, Colorado is a great spot to visit.

Marijuana exploded on the scene and became an instant hit. In 2016, marijuana sales topped over $1.3 billion dollars and the tax revenue generated a staggering $200 million dollars. A portion of this money will be used in a housing for Colorado’s homeless and drug programs for chronic drug users to provide help rather than criminalize them.

If you do make out to Colorado, be sure to pick up our high-quality Northern Lights Extract and head down to Aurora Colorado to try and catch the famous Aurora Borealis, in more ways than 1!


#3 Canada

As you prepare your travel plans for 2018, consider visiting Canada, as marijuana becomes recreationally legal in 2018 across the country. We’re sure that Canada will adapt quickly and that cannabis culture will evolve fruitfully there considering their already relaxed, friendly and open culture!

So, we hoped you enjoyed the list of our 5 awesome travel spots for cannabis.

If you haven’t tried it yet, consider switching over to smoking a cannabis liquid extract! Not only does this making smoking more discreet and easy, it makes it way more affordable! It’s perfect for traveling and allows you to smoke just about anytime, anywhere!




Uruguay became the first nation to legalize cannabis! This makes it an extremely marijuana friendly area. It also happens to be one of the only places you can light up right on the beach without much worry! You’ll find Uruguay to be an amazing tourist spot with lot’s of interesting attractions and a rich culture full of history.


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