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Chances are you know what a CBD Infused Topical is. If you’re reading this, then you have a degree of interest in what it is and what it can do for you. Truth is, it has many documented medical benefits with more continual uses coming up daily. Could this be a better solution for you? Most likely. How would you know? Let’s start here:

What is it?

CBD topicals are safe, easy to use products that are applied directly on the skin of an affected area of a person’s body. Unlike THC, it’s CBD counterpart lacks the psychoactive effects and will not get you “high.” It is typically processed as an oil and mixed with other therapeutic herbs to create a cream type ointment. In most cases, CBD topicals are made with all natural ingredients and are considered chemically safe. This provides a great solution for those who prefer not to take prescription medication or use over the counter chemical-concoctions to remedy what pain they might have.

Haven’t tried it yet? You’re way behind!

Fact is that people have been using topical cannabis for thousands of years because of its antiseptic and pain relief properties. So if you had an infection, or inflammation, or pain, this was your medicine.

We know more about CBDs than ever before in history. We know it kills pain, but it can help enhance blood circulation while boosting cellular regeneration. Skin conditions like eczema & dry skin along with joint pain & muscle soreness have all been helped with CBD topicals.

Is there a wrong way to apply it?

Being a topical, use is fairly self-explanatory: apply it to your skin. Wash the area with soap and water making it the best environment for to be absorbed. When deciding on how much to use, there really isn’t a set amount, but DON’T BE STINGY! Rub the topical into your skin until it dissipates and is no longer visible. Now give it a few minutes to absorb before covering it either with clothing or bandages. This avoids rubbing it off.

This isn’t a one-time fix all solution. Depending on the severity of your condition, multiple uses may be in order. After applied, make sure to check for any type of reaction your body may have. Rashes or other skin irritation are signs to take note of.

How does it compare to other CBD products?

These days there are plenty of CBD options. In regards to pain relief, CBD patches are becoming more & more popular. Most topicals are perfect for alleviating skin problems, inflammation, or localized pain on the dermal level. Transdermal patches deliver the cannabinoids directly to the bloodstream for faster healing. Some have a 1:1 ratio of CBD / THC content and may produce the psychoactive “high.” In some cases, that effect can be similar, if not more potent than smoking or ingesting cannabis.

CBD topicals are a top tier solution for many different conditions. Pain relief, skin irritation, inflammation, joint or muscle soreness, or maybe you want to take better care of your skin making it healthier and hydrated, CBD topicals are the right fit for you.

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