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CCel Palm Cart


The PALM CCELL Concentrate Vaporizer is a compact device that enters the market segment in style, bringing a simple yet visually appealing designs in the herbal concentrate market, designed for CCELL Cartridges (sold seperately) and features a draw activated system. The PALM features a self-adapted optimum temperature setting for users to enjoy their herbal concentrate without worry. Powering the PALM CCELL is an internal 550mAh battery that can be charged via micro-USB. A battery life indicator sits atop the PALM featuring a stealth breathing LED. The PALM CCELL Concentrate Vaporizer is perfect for those using CCELL based atomizers.

Please Note: This device is designed for herbal concentrates and is not intended to be used with any other media.

Product Includes:

  • One PALM CCELL Concentrate Vaporizer
  • Two Metal Adapter
  • One Charging Cable
  • One Warranty Card
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